As an Academic Professor, I provide professional services, advice, and expertise to external organizations or individuals based on specialized knowledge and research experience. My professional consultancy activities can take various forms:

Consultancy Types Consultancy Topics
  1. Expert Advice: Offering expert opinions and insights to organizations seeking guidance on specific subjects related to my field of expertise. This may involve providing technical advice, reviewing and evaluating projects or proposals, or offering recommendations based on my research findings.

  2. Research Collaboration: Collaboration with external organizations to conduct research projects. Providing guidance on research design, methodology, data analysis, and interpretation of results.

  3. Training and Workshops: Can be engaged to deliver training sessions or workshops to professionals in a particular industry or organization.

  4. Policy Development: Can contribute to the development of policies and regulations. Have been consulted by government agencies, NGOs, or other organizations seeking evidence-based insights to shape their policies or address societal challenges. I can provide expert opinions, conduct research to inform policy decisions, and offer recommendations based on up-to-date academic knowledge.

  5. Project Evaluation: Evaluating the effectiveness or impact of projects or initiatives undertaken by external organizations. Assess the outcomes, measure success against predefined objectives, and provide recommendations for improvement.

  1. Spatial Data Analysis: Consultancy services on spatial data analysis techniques, including data collection, geospatial data management, spatial statistics, and spatial modeling. Organizations may seek my expertise to analyze and interpret geographic data, create maps, identify patterns, and derive insights for various purposes such as urban planning, environmental assessments, market analysis, or transportation planning.

  2. Geographical Information Systems (GIS): Many organizations rely on GIS technology for managing and analyzing spatial data. I offer consultancy on GIS implementation, customization, and optimization. This may involve advising on GIS software selection, database design, geoprocessing workflows, spatial analysis techniques, and developing custom GIS applications to address specific needs.

  3. Remote Sensing and Image Analysis: Provide consultancy on Remote Sensing technologies and image analysis techniques. This could involve helping organizations interpret satellite imagery, aerial photographs, or LiDAR data for applications such as land cover mapping, vegetation analysis, disaster monitoring, or infrastructure planning.

  4. Spatial Modeling and Simulation: Spatial modeling and simulation projects. Organizations may seek my consultancy services to develop models that simulate spatial phenomena, such as transportation networks, urban growth, climate change impacts, or the spread of diseases. I can also advise on model development, parameterization, calibration, and validation.

  5. Geographical Risk Assessment: Assessing geographical risks and vulnerabilities. Organizations may consult me to analyze and map potential hazards like natural disasters (e.g., floods, earthquakes), environmental risks (e.g., pollution, deforestation), or socioeconomic vulnerabilities (e.g., poverty, inequality) within specific regions. Can provide recommendations on risk mitigation strategies and resilience planning.

  6. Geospatial Big Data Analytics: With the increasing availability of geospatial big data from various sources, organizations may require assistance in analyzing and extracting insights from large and complex spatial datasets. I can offer consultancy on big data analytics techniques, including data processing, visualization, and advanced analytics (e.g., machine learning, geospatial clustering) to support decision-making processes.

  7. Location Intelligence and Business Analysis: My expertise in geographical analysis can also be applied to location-based business analysis and market research. Organizations may seek my consultancy services to analyze customer behavior, identify market trends, optimize site selection for new business locations, or develop location-based marketing strategies using geospatial data and analytical techniques.

Geospatial research is the study of geographic information, how we collect, store, manage, analyse, and visualise it. We tackle a range of geospatial research questions. These are 8 of the scientific services we offer:

Least Cost Path
  • Determine the least-cost path from origin to destination using multivariate attributes
  • Identify density of paths in a certain areas
  • Calculate cost surfaces and evaluate least-cost path attributes
  • Measure visibility characteristics from source locations to the general surrounding area
  • Binary visibility measures between pairs of locations
  • Optimal location selection for maximizing visibility aspects
Network Analysis
  • Centrality measures
  • Isolation and accessibility measures
  • Travel paths and network paths optimization
Location Allocation
  • Allocation of resources to hubs
  • Students-Schools allocation and optimization based on constrains and distance
Spatial Autocorellation
  • Spatial association between locations
Point Pattern Analysis
  • Density based measures
  • Distance based measures
  • Evaluation of spatial distribution of points against CSR
  • Modeling, visualization, and interpretation of point data
Data Mining
  • Identify patterns and relationships that can help solve business problems
  • Use machine learning and statistical analysis, along with data management tasks for clustering and association of data observations
  • Association rule mining, Classification, Clustering, Regression, Sequence and path analysis
20-Minute City
  • Modeling transportation networks of a city for evaluation of the idea for a “20-minute city”. This includes the notion of a walkable, accessible city with a high quality of life for residents.

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