Here you can find 17 of my software which you can download and use. All software here, is licenced under the GPL-3 licence, which makes is freely available to all.

17 Open-Data-Search 1.1 XUL A customized firefox search plugin for searching data in Greek Open Data Repository (
16 Zim Capture 1.0 XUL Capture web content from Firefox to Zim wiki
15 R Spatial Microsimulation Library (sms) 1.0 R Produce small area population estimates by fitting census data to panel datasets
14 Point Logger Android Application 2.0 Android – Java Capture coordinates of points with GPS enabled Android phones. It exports the data to SQLite files in the SD card.
13 OpenArchives Search Plugin 1.1 XML-XUL Search plugin for Firefox and Internet Explorer for the fast search on network.
12 ODT statistics 1.0 Python This is a nautilus script which enables right click on OpenOfice Writer files (ODT) and shows some statistics.
11 QGis Plugin – Polygon Width 1.0 Python QGis plugin to calculate the maximum width of a polygon. Usefull for determining the maximum width of a beach for further calculations.
10 QGis Plugin – centroids 1.0 Python QGis plugin to create polygon centroids. Works with all type of polygons (multipolygons, single polygons, island polygons, donut polygons)
9 Zotero style – dimitrisk 1.0 CSL Zotero reference style based on Chicago Bibliography style
8 Zotero “The Independent” translator 1.0 JavaScript Zotero translator for “The Independent” newspaper website
7 Zotero “The Guardian” translator 1.0 JavaScript Zotero translator for “The guardian” newspaper website
6 PyTextStat 1.0 Python Statistical analysis of plain-text and ODF files.
5 Veoh Downloader for Linux 2.5 Java Downloads veoh movies and saves them as .flv. Suitable for linux systems where veoh player does not exist.
4 QGIS plugin Creator 2.0 PHP Creates a basic skeleton for a QGIS python Plugin. Enter the details and press RUN. Then you can download a set of 9 files which have been generated with your details and you are ready to go.
3 Make Centroids 2.0 Python Creates polygon centroids from shapefiles. It is a QGIS plugin that is added easily to the software and receives a polygon shapefile and produces a point shapefile.
2 VOR-NDB 1.0 Java A software to be used as reference for aviation purpose, with all radio navigation aids (VOR and NDB) along with their frequencies and names. Data for Greece (LGxx) or global use. Use the search fields to find any nav-aid by filtering name, freq. or area.
1 MyAtc 2.0 Java Atc position assistance. Download and explain METAR for multiple positions. get information about the weather in the area and watch satellite images. Useful tool for IVAO network atc services. MyAtc web-page ( and alternative download and issue tracking