Dimitris Kavroudakis

Short bio

Dr. Dimitris Kavroudakis is a geographer working as a researcher in the University of the Aegean, Geography Department. He studied Computer info Systems in the American College Of Greece and Geography in The University of the Aegean and he obtained his MSc in GIS from the University of Leeds, UK. He holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Sheffield, UK. As a researcher in UCL, University of Sheffield and University of The Aegean, he has been involved in high quality geographical research which led to a number of scientific publications in the field. Some of his academic interests include GIS, open source, spatial analysis and economic geography. He has been involved in research concerning web GIS, visualization, spatial statistics, EU population inequalities, spatial economics and open source GIS development. He uses new approaches in geographical analysis such as Artificial Intelligence and Agent Based Modelling and supports new computational approaches such as grid computing and large scale distributed modelling. He is an open source supporter and uses Linux.


Some of the research areas I have been activly engaged are the folowing: Geographical Analysis, Graph Theory Analysis, GIS, Economic Geography, Artificial Intelligence, Geostatistics, Open Source, Regional Analysis and Spatial Inequalities.

R libraries

Dimitris is the author of the following R libraries:

Android Programming

As an experienced Android programmer, Dimitris is engaged in the development of various schientific Android applications for Tablet and Mobile devices.

Web Applications