Dimitris Kavroudakis

Find coordinates by name

Find the latitude and longitude of a place. Uses PHP server programming and Google Geocoding Interface to construct a query and retrieve the associated variables. Useful for geographical analysis and web-GIS applications.

Place name:




The "Status" variable, is the response code of the request, which is a simple way to determine what actually happened when the request was performed. The possible response codes are as follows:

  • 200: Successful request (at least one placemark was returned).
  • 400: Bad request (the server was unable to understand the request).
  • 500: Server error (an unknown internal error occurred).
  • 601: Missing query. This means the q parameter was not specified (or was an empty string).
  • 602: Unknown address. This means that the request was performed but no placemarks were found.
  • 603: Unavailable address. The given address could not be returned due to legal or contractual reasons.
  • 610: An invalid Google Maps API key was specified.
  • 620: Too many queries have been performed using the given API key.

  • Sunlight calculator

    Calculate the sunrise and sunset of any place on earth. If you don't know the Lan/Lon of a place, just use my other Latitude-Longitude web application. Here is a quick reference:

    Area Lat Lon Timezone
    Amsterdam 52.373812 4.890951 1
    London 51.500152 -0.126236 0
    Athens 37.979180 23.716647 2
    Sheffield 53.383055 -1.464795 0
    Lat: Lon: Timezone: